Coconut Oil For Healthy Hair and Scalp

coconut oil for hair care

Why use coconut oil for hair care? What makes it special and why do many people recommend it? Chances are one of your friends or somebody told you about coconut oil. Or you got curious and asked what their secret was for healthy shiny hair.

When someone is using coconut oil, it is not hard to notice. Other that the shiny, soft and lustrous hair you’ll see, it has a sweet nutty fragrance that’s refreshing and unique from commercial shampoo. Some hair care products even add it to incorporate this scent to their own amazing hair care benefits and product. If you want to see some other ideas about hair care check out this about coconut oil.

coconut oil for hair care

  • Coconut Oil prevents hair loss.

Are you looking for alternative methods to prevent hair loss and encourage hair growth? Ancient India and other tropical countries have used coconut oil to strengthen hair strands and follicles to reduce hair loss and breakage. Aside from that, it has properties that can encourage hair growth. This is evident for people who regularly use it and have thick hair volume.

  • Coconut Oil protects hair.

Tests show that coconut oil has UV protection rating of SPF 8. That’s added sunscreen protection for your hair. Second, lauric acid components are easily absorbed by hair follicles, which allow easy absorption of nutrients that are also present in coconut oil. This replenishes protein strands on hair, making it stronger and resistant to radicals that damage hair.

  • It prevents loss of hair pigments.

Notice white or grey hair strands that don’t usually show up with people at your age? Premature graying can be caused by unhealthy hair follicles. With coconut oil’s nourishing properties, is known to prevent or reduce the hair growth with depigmentation.

  • It moisturizes and has cooling effects.

Sweaty scalp? Before cooling powders were invented, coconut oil was used for its cooling effects. It’s soothing and cool when applied, and can be used by those who need to control excessive scalp perspiration.

  • Coconut oil can fight dandruff.

Coconut oil has antibacterial properties which can be helpful in fighting skin problems like dandruff and dermatitis. It also helps keep the scalp moisturized, preventing dry flakes from forming. It’s a natural or organic alternative over other anti-dandruff treatments and doesn’t irritate the scalp with chemicals.

  • Lice protection and removal.

Believe it or not, coconut oil is effective as lice treatment and against insect bites. It’s an alternative solution compared to chemical treatments. When you apply coconut oil on hair, it’s easier to comb off lice even from the scalp or roots.

  • Hair conditioning and styling.

Use coconut oil as a leave on conditioner! It retains moisture and gives your hair that healthy shine. Some people also use it to tame curly hair and frizz. It’s very effective natural conditioner for styling especially when you’re in humid regions.

  • Quick fix for split ends.

Split ends can be ugly at close up. Snip off the broken strand and apply a drop or two of coconut oil on that lock of hair. It helps seal moisture and replenishes nutrients on damaged hair strands.

With the anti-aging and moisturizing properties, alternative treatment for common hair and scalp problems, and all the other benefits, coconut oil is one of the best options for healthy hair.

If you are looking for the easiest and most convenient way to take care of your hair you should try to use coconut oil paste. I would try for hair care. It is so easy to use.  I even use it in the afternoon before my workouts to get a quick energy boost.  It is made of 100% coconut oil and there are no additives so you hair will look great and will shine like the sun.